Azure SDK November 2022 Update is now available

Microsoft releases a new update (November 2022) to Azure SDK. The latest update brings new features, improvements, and fixes. In this release, Microsoft added support for Python 3.11 and marked the minimum supported Node.js version as 14.


Numerous older Azure SDK libraries that do not comply with the Azure SDK Guidelines have been retired (deprecated) and support will end in 2023, said Microsoft. To learn the highlights of Azure SDK November 2022 Update, continue reading further.


Azure SDK November 2022 Update is now available
Azure SDK November 2022 Update


Azure SDK Release Highlights (November 2022)

  • Azure Load Testing
  • Azure Maps for Java
  • Azure Maps for JavaScript
  • Azure Monitor Open Telemetry
  • Azure SDK for C
    • New stable release with added Azure Device Update for IoT Hub support, enabling Over-the-Air updates for embedded devices.
  • Azure SDK for Go Management Libraries
  • Azure SDK for JavaScript Management Libraries
  • Azure SDK for .NET Management Libraries
  • Azure SDK for Python Management Libraries
  • Call Automation for .NET and Java
  • Cognitive Service for Language SDK
    • Conversational Language Understanding for .NET and Python: new beta releases
    • Embedded Speech for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python: new beta releases
  • Key Vault Administration and Keys for .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Go
    • Administration: added KeyVaultSettingsClient to managed existing settings on Managed HSMs.
    • Keys: added Octet Key Pair (OKP), Edwards Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA), and Ed25519 curve support.
  • Personalizer for Python
  • Spring Cloud Azure for Java
    • New stable and beta release: Read more on our blog.
  • Storage Files Data Lake for C++
    • New beta and stable release


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