Hackaday Prize 2022: Drying Clothes With Ultrasound

Clothes dryers are fantastic, and a vital part of fashionable everyday living, but they do use a great deal of energy. [Mike Rigsby] made the decision to see if there was a far more economical technique of drying clothes that could contend with resistive heating for effectiveness. So, he started off operate on an ultrasonic clothing dryer.

In early testing, he located ultrasonic transducers could in truth blast droplets of humidity away from material, effectively drying it. Having said that, compared with warmth, the ultrasonic industry doesn’t successfully permeate by a pile of clothing, nor can it easily be utilised with a spinning drum to dry quite a few garments at when.

[Mike]’s existing experiments are centered all around making use of a basket-type procedure, with a mattress of ultrasonic transducers at the bottom. The idea is that the basket will shake again and forth, agitating the load of clothing and allowing the distinct garments to proficiently make contact with the transducers. It is nonetheless a work in progress, but it is an appealing approach to the trouble. We’d really like to see a comparison of the electrical power use of a total-scale make as opposed to a frequent dryer.

We’ve read of the ultrasonic drying notion just before, way too, with the Office of Electricity studying the issue. It could just be that we’ll all be utilizing ultrasonic dryers in many years to occur!

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