Pixelmator Photo gets new features and a 50% discount on its yearly subscription

Pixelmator Photo 2.2 brings Clarity and Texture, Selective Clarity, and Highlight and Shadow Recovery enhancements for editing your photos. Published in a blog post, Pixelmator also says the app is twice as fast, so it’s easier than ever to rely on heavier edit workflows.

With the new Clarity and Texture adjustments, Pixelmator Photos lets you “magically enhance fine details and structure in your photos.” These two adjustments make changes to small and large objects in a photo independently – this makes it a more intelligent and advanced way to increase sharpness and detail, providing striking results. In addition to enhancing textures, the Clarity adjustment subtly adjusts the brightness and colors of your photos, making them look sharper and clearer overall. 

With Selective Clarity, the app lets you separately adjust textures in the highlights, midtones, and shadows. You can use the Selective Clarity adjustment by dragging areas of your photo. Pixelmator Photos suggests you try this in the skin to smooth out the shot.

Last but not least, with Highlight and Shadow Recovery, these two adjustments have been rebuilt from the ground up. The newest version lets you recover incredible amounts of detail in the highlights and shadows of photos and enjoy true-to-life colors and textures. 

Pixelmator Photos says that this change is so significant that the previously edited photos will continue using the old implementation to make sure that they don’t look different when opened in the updated version of the app.

The company says that the new features and improvements work great with all image formats, but you’ll get the most out of them if you shoot and edit RAW photos.

To celebrate version 2.2, Pixelmator Photo is giving 50% off the first year of an annual subscription, and the user needs to redeem it through a special link available on Pixelmator’s blog.

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