The Easiest Snow Blower Is a Leaf Blower

An EGO brand electric leaf blower sitting in the snow.

If you stay in a snowy weather, you know all also properly there is a kind and depth of snow that is not worth firing up the snow blower for and is irritating to shovel. And that’s the perfect snow to blast with your leaf blower.

Why Leaf Blow Snow?

For people looking through this write-up soon after the winter winds deposited a damp slushy 12 inches on their driveway, leaf-blowing the snow accumulation is not a viable resolution. At that stage, you’re caught attacking it with a snow blower (preferably a two-phase design to lower by way of that significant snow) or finding a excellent exercise routine with a shovel.

But if you stay in the land of ice and snow, you’re acquainted with waking up to an inch or 3 of powder snow masking everything—the winter equivalent of a small summer months drizzle

It’s just about pointless to snow blow it since it is so light-weight the snow blower tends to just toss it instantly up in the air, and it’s irritating to shovel it since you expend so substantially time moving so small snow around. But a leaf blower is a whole different tale. You can do your greatest mom character impact and generate your individual high-speed wind to blast gentle snow absent.

The blower directs a concentrated air stream ideal together the floor and blows the snow suitable off methods, sidewalks, patios, and even your driveway if you use a type of facet-strolling reducing movement to “sweep” the snow across the width of the driveway.

Just this morning, I cleared two inches of snow off my vehicle in about 20 seconds, just sweeping the blower again and forth more than the car—and then completed off the rest of my early morning snow-clearing regime in a several minutes.

You Seriously Want an Electrical Leaf Blower for Snow

When you can certainly use a gasoline-driven snow blower to blow snow off your auto or patio, we’re not likely to endorse it. Certain, they’re effective, and confident they have a extensive run-time. But they are tremendous noisy (your neighbors will despise you), and the exhaust has a extremely distinct odor (so you may go to work smelling like tiny engine exhaust).

Skip the sound, the odor, and the inconvenience of starting up a gas blower by employing a battery-run electrical design.

And, not only that, they’re unbelievably inexpensive to work. Verify out our appear at electric powered garden mower functioning expenses if you want to be blown away (leaf blower pun not intended) by how affordable it is to demand and run battery-run property applications.

Moi Power+ 765 CFM 56V Leaf Blower

If you are wanting to leaf blow snow it really is tricky to conquer a effective battery-driven product like this Ego Energy+ alternative. You may very easily blast snow off your patio, your automobile, and even minimal-hanging eaves with no stinking of exhaust fumes.

Solutions like this Moi Ability+ 765 CFM are additional than highly effective plenty of with a very good run time. And if you want to be further stealthy Ryobi’s “Whisper Series” blowers are unbelievably silent.

With both model, or a little something similar, the following time you wake up to snow you’d explain as “just deep sufficient to be frustrating,” you can slap a battery on the ol’ leaf blower and blast anything clear.

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