A Few New Search Tools from Google

People of you who use Chrome as your main world-wide-web browser on your laptop or computer or cellphone, that is 75% of all visitors of FreeTech4Academics.com according to my Google Analytics account, could discover a number of new look for instruments the upcoming time you update your browser.  Yesterday afternoon Google […]

6 Features of Mobile Google Docs

When I am away from home I rely heavily on using Google Apps from my phone. You want to install the Google apps if you do not already have them: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Classroom. Note there is not a Google Forms app. Here are 6 features of mobile Google […]

How to Roll 3 Dice in Google

I was playing a math game that required 3 dice. Since I was in a video call I needed them digitally. However, even when I’m not digital I need access to dice sometimes that I can project. You can get Google Dice for free and quickly. Use the built in […]