A Few New Search Tools from Google

People of you who use Chrome as your main world-wide-web browser on your laptop or computer or cellphone, that is 75% of all visitors of FreeTech4Academics.com according to my Google Analytics account, could discover a number of new look for instruments the upcoming time you update your browser.  Yesterday afternoon Google […]

Best 6 Plagiarism Checker Tools for 2023

According to several studies, plagiarism is one of the giant evils in the world of writers. It is a rampant issue that results in the loss of money, reputation and career. The reason behind this negative influence is a poor piece of work without proper citation. Since nobody wants plagiarism […]

Top iOS App Development Tools & Software

Introduction Businesses know how important it is to stay close to their customers. And the closest thing to customers is their smartphones. Therefore, entrepreneurs are focusing more on building a mobile app to expand their business and keep them close to customers. Smartphones are the fastest way for businesses to […]